Our Services


Synapse Bioinformatics

NGS Analysis

  • WGS- SNP analysis

  • Exome analysis

Functional Metagenomics

  • Phylogenetic Analysis

  • Metagenome analysis

RNA Sequence Analysis

  • Gene expression analysis

  • Spliceosome analysis

  • Differential gene expression analysis

  • ChiP seq analysis

  • Microarray data analysis

Drug Discovery

  • Cheminformatics, fingerprint analysis to QSAR

  • Structure predictions, Molecular docking

  • MD simulation

  • Protein-protein docking and analysis

Database Development

  • Database development

  • Development of front end and 2-way binding

  • Plugins

Additional Services

  • Developing publication-quality images using Python, Matlab and R programming.

  • Data mining and curation

  • Renting of HPC and GPU

  • Skill development program in in-silico biology


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India's 1st Pet Microbiome Test


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MyPetsy Plus

As you analyse your pet's gut, we can also predict the risk of them getting any future diseases.